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EDUXR Talks on AltspaceVR:ssä järjestettävä tapahtumasarja, joka on luontevaa jatkoa EDUXR2020:lle. EDUXR Talks tapahtumissa pääset kuuntelemaan eri alojen asiantuntijoita, sekä keskustelemaan ja verkostoitumaan aiheesta kiinnostuneiden kanssa. Jokainen EDUXR Talks on oma temaattinen kokonaisuutensa, joka rakentuu asiantuntijoidemme osaamisalueiden ympärille.

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9.6. klo 17.00 – on June 9, 5pm (EEST) @AltspaceVR
Social-Emotional Learning in Education
Mark Sparvell

Mark Sparwell (Senior Education Leader, Microsoft, USA)

Mark Sparwell (Senior Education Leader, Microsoft, USA) is a global award winning educator and leader. As Education Leader with Microsoft, Mark led the Global Leader audience strategy and developed the global Showcase School program.  He is a Salzburg Global Seminar Fellow, a member of the BETT Global Education Council,  Steering Committee member for KARANGA (Global Alliance for Social and Emotional Skills and the NESLI Steering Committee. 

He is interested in the role technology can play in humanizing the learning experience and how young people are best prepared to make a life and be happy. His projects include leading online communities of practice, research studies that examine leadership and identity. In his current role he partners directly with researchers, education leaders and organizations globally to identify innovative leading and teaching practice, building community and capacity by leveraging digital solutions.   He received an B.Ed. and M.Ed.


26.5. klo 18.00 – on May 26, 6pm (UTC+3) @AltspaceVR
Continuous Learning and the Future of Higher Education
Heli Harrikari

Heli Harrikari Heli Harrikari (PhD) is Director
of Continuous Learning at Tampere University.

Higher education without degrees, courses and credits – and without walls? In the future, it is all about skills and competences, no matter how, where and when developed. The new needs of continuous learning challenge the traditional ways of thinking and operating in higher education. Curricula, degrees, courses and credits step aside, and the focus is shifted to skills and competences. In the future, we all understand our skills and competences transparently and receive individual guidance for developing them throughout life. Digitalization and artificial intelligence fundamentally change the way we think about higher education, as does the shift from production-based education to customer-centric thinking. All this requires also new types of business models for universities, at the same time breaking traditional structures and silos. Welcome to discuss the paradigm shift of higher education!

Heli Harrikari (PhD) is Director of Continuous Learning at Tampere University. She leads strategic reform of continuous learning where the goal is to reimagine and revise higher education thoroughly. She has extensive experience in strategic development of higher education as well as teaching in university. Previously she has worked as a researcher in industry, developing speech and language technology.